Linking Art Through Transformative Programs!


The goal of The Arts facet is to increase the knowledge and appreciation of creative writing through educational and engaging writing experiences with a group of students at Central High School. The students will be engaged in the Young Masters’ Writers Program, which promotes participation, pride, and achievement in creative writing among high school students of African ancestry. The students will be interacting with local published authors and college professors to gain useful tips and insights about the art of writing. After completion of the first mentorship program, students will enter The Links, Inc. 2020-2021 National Young Master’s Writers Competition. The unique voices of competition entrants shed light on their lives, covering topics such as bullying, heritage, love, community, history, pop culture, and politics. By encouraging budding authors and poets, the program seeks to develop a cadre of young and future writers whose work will continue to make an impact long after the competition is over. Ninety high school students have become published writers.




Students introduced to The Links, Inc. and the Young Masters’ Writers Program. English teachers and the school’s counselor were all in attendance along with the students to learn about the exciting things the program would offer. Students awarded prizes for turning in their first pre-write for officially entering the program.




Students receive information on “Choosing a Topic” from author and Professor Dr. Brenda Lloyd Jones. Dr. Jones is a professor in the College of Arts & Sciences at The University of Oklahoma. She also hosts “Therapy Thursdays” on Channel 6 News.




Students learn how to “Illustrate through Words” by Poetess Jerica Wortham. Mrs. Wortham is the Founder of the J’Parle Literary Magazine and J’Parle Live. She is also the author of Driven Success, Beautiful and Strange: A Collection of Thoughts and Poetry.




Students learn “How to Write Attention Grabbing Work” from Mrs. Carlisha Bradley. Mrs. Bradley is the Executive Director of ImPactTulsa and the author of Choosing Faith over Fear.




Professor Beverly Vick at Tulsa Community College shows the students the art of “Writing an Effective Outline.”


Students learn the art of “Writing Summaries & Conclusions” from Pastor Scott L. Gordon. Pastor Gordon is the author of Walking in the Overflow. Students turn in their final post-write, and analyzed by Professor Velma Payne at Tulsa Community College.


Students’ presentation and awards ceremony acknowledging participation and progress. Students receive guidelines and criteria about the upcoming 2021-2022 National Young Masters’ Writers Competition.