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Linking Art Through Transformative Programs!


One of the main goals of The Arts facet of the Tulsa Chapter is to increase the knowledge and appreciation of creative writing through educational and engaging writing experiences among high school students in and around the North Tulsa community. The students will be engaged in the Young Masters’ Writers Program, which promotes participation, pride, and achievement in creative writing among high school students of African ancestry. 


The YMWP is a two year program. During the first year of the program, students will be interacting in mentor sessions with local published authors and college professors to gain useful tips and insights about the art of writing. Participants will also experience field trips to local poetry events, competitions, art exhibits and more to enhance their passion and appreciation for The Arts. 


Local participants receive cash prizes, gifts, certificates and other awards for their participation and will have the prospect of having their work spotlighted in a local publication. They go on to have the opportunity to have their winning poetry/essay entered into the National Young Master Writers Competition where their work will be among thousands of young national participants.


After a successful completion of the first year experience, students will enter The Links, Inc National Young Master’s Writers Competition which runs biennially. The unique voices of competition entrants shed light on their lives, covering topics such as bullying, heritage, love, community, history, pop culture, and politics. By encouraging budding authors and poets, the program seeks to develop a cadre of young and future writers whose work will continue to make an impact long after the competition is over. The Tulsa (OK) Chapter has had participants enter the National Competition and look to increase Tulsa's exposure and participation on the National level.

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